TNN Transparent Hexagonal deodorants menthol crystal food grade

Group Pharmaceutical raw materials
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Update Time 2019-10-16
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Product Parameter

Testing Items
Quality Criterion 
Color And Appearance
Colorless, Transparent Hexagonal Or Needlelike Crystals
 Have the characteristic odor of Chinese natural menthol 
Melting point 
1gr:5ml (90%)
Non - Volatile Content
≤ 0.05%
Specific Rotation(20℃)
- 45°~  - 51° 
Arsenic Content (mg/kg)
≤ 3 
Heavy Metal, as Pb(mg/kg)
≤ 10
98% ~ 102%
      CAS No.:89-78-1 


      Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

      Type: lavoring Agents

      Brand Name: Polar bear

      Model Number: BP2010 / USP32

      Appearance: Colorless crystals

      Odor: Minty Cool

      Melting Point: 42℃

      Optical rotation:-49.82°

Packing & Delivery
  Package :25kg/drum 2.5kg /tin

1. Menthol is used as deodorants in toothpaste, perfume, beverages and sweets. 

2. Widely used in daily use flavor, edible flavor, tobacco flavor. 

3. Antiseptic and antiseptic.

4. Used in medicine as an irritant, acting on the skin or mucous membranes, having a cooling and antipruritic effect

5. As a special additive for therapeutic cosmetics. Used for toilet water, etc. It can also be used as an odorant in toothpaste, perfume, drinks and sweets. Used in confectionery, beverage, perfume and medicine