TNN Medicine Grade cholesterol In 25kg drum

Group Pharmaceutical raw materials
Min. Order 1 piece
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Update Time 2019-10-16
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Product Parameter

White or similar sheet crystal or powder
Solubility in alcohol
clear and no depoist

A:the chloroform acquires a blood-red color and sulfuric aicd shows a green fluorescence.
 B:a pink color is produced,and it rapidly changes to red,then to blue, and finally to a brilliant green.
Melting range
Specific rotation
Loss on drying
Residue on ignition
Product Name: cholesterol

CAS No.: 57-88-5

Other Names: 5-Cholesten-3beta-ol

MF: C27H46O

EINECS No.: 200-353-2

Place of Origin: China (Mainland)

Type: Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes
Grade Standard: Feed Grade, Medicine Grade

Brand Name: TNN

Purity: 99%min

Appearance: White Crystals Powder

Certificate: ISO

Assay: 99% HPLC

Packing & Delivery
  In 25kg drum                             
1.Used for flocculent cephalin cholesterol test, vitamin D hormone drugs such as raw materials and biochemical research;

2.Used as a biochemical reagents and emulsifier, etc

3.Is the important raw material for manufacturing hormones, and can be used as emulsifier; Analysis is also used as reference substance

 4.Used as emulsifier, artificial bezoar vitamin D LCD synthetic hormones of raw materials, used for biochemical research.

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