Glow in the dark film
Glow in the dark film

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Glow in the dark film

Glow in the dark film, is a three layered self-adhesive film made of PVC or PET resins and Glow in the dark Powder. It can be charged by any source of light including sunlight, lamplight and ultraviolet light and glow in the dark for more than 10 hours after removal of the light source. 

Features of our pvc film:

lSafe and Eco-friendly

Non-toxicity, non-radioactivity, harmless to human body

lNo energy or electricity consumption

Absorbs light in the day and glow in the dark

llong afterglow

Quick light absorption, long afterglow time and long life span.

lBoth practicality and aesthetic

Beautiful appearance, convenient and easy to use by simply pasting

lExcellent waterproof performance

Waterproof, Anti-pollution, corrosion resistance, durable to use 

Specification Details



Product name

Glow in the dark film




1m * 10m/1m * 20m (Customizable)



Glow time

10 hours

Product Applications
Car&Bike sticker
Home decoration
Stair marking
Safety signs
We can customize the material, size, printing patterns according to your requirement!
How to use 
1.Clean the surface of the object that you are going to paste and make sure no oil, no dust, no water or rusting.

2.Remove the back paper of glow in the dark film and stick the film on the right position.

3.Press the film to make sure no bubbles inside and firmly stick.