·Application of sodium diacetate in animal feeds

·Application of sodium diacetate in foods



·Application of sodium diacetate in animal feeds:

1. Prevent feed mildew and prolong the storage period.

2. Improve the milk protein content of dairy cows and the utilization of protein in feed to increase the weight of fish and piglets.

3. Adding SDA to poultry feed can prevent pullorum and improve the survival

rate of chickens.

4. Adding SDA to aquatic feed can effectively prevent and treat fish diseases caused by homologous microorganisms and can be used as clarifying disinfectant in fish ponds.

·Application of sodium diacetate in foods:

As food preservative, sodium diacetate is safe, non-toxic, non-residual, non-carcinogenic and non-teratogenic, it has been recognized as "0" toxic substance by WHO.

Sodium diacetate is an ideal substitute for potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, calcium propionate and other preservatives.


1- SDA has a good antitoxin effect in cereal and grain foods.

By adding 0.1% ~ 0.8% sodium diacetate to a cereal with a moisture content of about 21.5%, the storage period of the cereal can be extended from 90 days to more than 200 days.


2- SDA can be used in baking foods, such as bread, cakes, etc., to prevent mildew.

The compound effect with calcium propionate is better, at the compound addition amount generally less than 0.3%ally less than 0.3%

3- SDA is widely used in the puffed foods and its flavorings as roles of preservative, sour agent and nutritive agent.

According to Chinese regulations, the maximum amount of sodium diacetate in puffed foods and flavoring of puffed foods is 10 grams/kg, and in fried potato chips is 1 gram/kg. 

4- SDA will greatly extend the shelf life when used as a compound preservative in chilled fresh meats. Use the compound preservative with Polylysine 0.01%, chitosan 0.80%, sodium diacetate 0.30%, and EDTA 0.01%, the pork can be stored and kept fresh for 16 days at O~4

5- SDA added into meat products, sausages, bacons and cured meats can prevent mildew.

Adding 0.05% - 0.2% SDA can extend the shelf life of 2 months, and enhance the color fresh and tender effect. The maximum usage is 3.0g/1kg.

6- SDA can extend the shelf life of drinks, fruit juices, jams and jellies.

Adding 0.2% into fresh fruit juice and jam can extend the shelf life to more than 10 days.

Adding 0.1% to 0.3% in jelly foods, the shelf life of unsealed jelly can reach up to 30 days at room temperature.

Adding 0.04% in fresh orange juice, hawthorn juice, etc, can preserve for 6 months.

The allowable amount of non-alcoholic beverages is 0.05% to 0.06%.

The allowable amount of soda is 0.04% to 0.05%

7- SDA is widely used in food processing.

The use of SDA in kimchi or pickles production can prevent or reduce the contamination of miscellaneous bacteria.

Adding SDA 3g /kg fresh vegetables can guarantee the quality of kimchi or pickles without mildew for six months.

The use of SDA in aquatic products can inhibit the growth and metabolism of bacteria, mold, prevent corruption, to extend the shelf life

·Packaging and Storage:

1. Sodium diacetate is packed in plastic inner bags, and woven bags/kraft bags are used for outer packing. The net weight is 25kg.

2. Storage in sealed, low temperature, moisture-proof, sunscreen environment, do not mix with other alkaline and toxic substances.

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